Q: Is this for my hair type?

A: It works great on all hair types! From fine, frizzy, flyaway hair to thick, course and even grey; everyone gets long lasting, great smoothing results.

If your hair is damaged it actually takes better! The open cuticle sucks up the keratin and it it is sealed in for long lasting results.

If your hair is all natural and very healthy, you just want faster blow dry times and more shine the treatment will work for you!

Wonderful on ethnic hair with no damage to the hair and no burning your scalp with chemicals!

Q: Do I get the Brazilian Blowout or Keratin treatment?

A: The Brazilian Blowout is lighter in weight with no wait time to wash from hair. This is more suitable for finer hair. The Keratin treatment is heavier with more emollients, great for coarse and denser hair. 

Both treatments are suitable for all hair types and sometimes based on personal preference.

Q: Is there anyone who should not get a keratin treatment?

A: If you love your frizz, you should not get a treatment.

If your hair is very flat and lifeless, this will not add body, but it will repair hair that is prone to breakage so overtime your hair will become thicker. Treatments can be done on mid shaft and ends avoiding roots to maintain what natural body you have and there are great volumizing products to add lift when styling. Think about it. I however rarely recommend these treatments for these hair types.

If you are a minor you should be at least 12 and I require parental approval.

If you are pregnant you should not have these treatments as they have not been tested on pregnant women.

Q: How long will this treatment last?

A: Brazilian Blowout last an average of 5-6 weeks. Keratin treatments last an average of 3-5 months. Much of this depends on your natural hair texture and at home maintenance, which I will go over here and during your treatment.

Q: How long must I wait to wash my hair?

A: You do not need to wait to wash hair after a Brazilian Blowout or keratin treatmetn.

Keratin treatments suggest you wait 2 days or 48 hours to wash your hair. You can wait longer if you wish, this will not impact the service. If you do not wait the full time your service will still work and have long lasting results, but it is recommended to wait 2 days for maximum results.

If your hair gets wet during this time just dry and flat iron it. It is ok to tuck behind ears, use a loose pony tail or braid at night to keep your hair off your face while sleeping.

Q: Can I have color in my hair?

A: Yes! The keratin takes best on chemically treated hair because the cuticle layer is open. This will seal the cuticle back down with the keratin in the hair shaft and lock in the color!

You can have your hair colored the same day, before the treatment. If not the same day I recommend having your hair colored the same week as your treatment, but always before. When having your hair colored after the treatment you should wait 2 weeks, and always have your stylist use the deep conditioning masque after rinsing your color out to replenish the keratin.

Q: Will I be able to curl my hair if I want to?

A: Absolutely! Your hair will be soft and flexible and able to be blown out with a round brush effortlessly and hot tools for greater styling. In fact, I have found clients who use hot tools have longer lasting results as they are reinforcing the keratin bonds! All this will just be easier after the treatment and best of all your style will be humidity resistant!

Q: What if I just want to try it once? Will my hair go back to normal?

A: Not a problem! The treatment last an average of 3 months, many people get longer with proper maintenance. If you dont want to continue the service just let it naturally fade away, you wont have any out growth line and your hair will return to its natural curl. It will however be stronger than before for many more months!

If you want to remove the treatment from your hair use store bought shampoos. Those have sulfates and salt that will greatly reduce the life of the treatment.

Q: What shampoos, conditioners and styling products do you recommend to keep the treatment?

A: I only recommend using the shampoos, conditioners and styling products designed for your treatment and sold in salon. These products are designed for maximum life of your treatment with the same hydrolyzed keratin and conditioners as your in salon treatment, every time you use them you replenish the keratin. Products are recommended by your stylist for your hair type.

All products must be Sulfate and Sodium Chloride Free! Sulfate is a harsh cleanser that will strip the treatment out of your hair along with your natural moisture and color. Sodium Chloride is salt, while salt is natural and organic, it will breakdown to treatment very quickly; in one month or less.

Q. Cant I use the sodium chloride & sulfate free keratin shampoo I bought at the drugstore?

A:  This is my most common question. Yes, you can. I however do not recommend it. While it may be sulfate and sodium chloride free, it does not have the same keratin ingredients as the service I provide in the salon. These shampoos may be cheaper, but they are not worth compromising your service and I can not guarantee results if you use them.

Also check the labels of your face and body washes. Most of these products contain sulfates and sodium chloride, very common ingredients in beauty products. If you get your face wash in your hair it will greatly reduce the life of your treatment.

Be aware that many 'organic' products contain sodium chloride (salt) because salt is organic. Again, it is recommend for the longest life of your treatment to only use the products recommended by your stylist.

Q: Can I go in the ocean or pool after the treatment?

A: It is best not to wet hair for the first 2 days after the treatment. After that you may swim. However apply the leave in conditioning cream to protect your hair and after swimming rinse very well, dont sit and let the salt or chlorine "bake" in your hair. Then apply the deep conditioning masque, let that sit in your hair as long as possible, even while sunning for a deeper treatment!

Q: What is this I hear about formaldehyde? Is it damaging to the hair?

A: There is no damage to the hair when the service is properly performed, in fact it repairs damage. There is no formaldehyde in the keratin, however when heated to seal the keratin into your hair there is a small amount released.

Frances uses a 3 part air filtration system, specially designed for this purpose, with all keratin services. This limits exposure to fumes for her comfort and yours.

Frances also offers a formaldehyde free formula which may be right for you.

Q: Wait, you didnt answer all my questions, how can I ask you something else?

A: Email is best as I am usually with clients and unable to answer the phone. Ive been doing these treatments for more than 10 years and I am confident I can answer all your questions. Use contact form to send me an email.